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Battling Depression..

We always tend to trust and believe in things that we can see right? "Seeing is believing" What if I told you that the one Person who understands everything you are going through is Someone you cannot really see?  The familiarity with this Person is so profound - the depth with which He understands us is so great. He knows our strengths and weaknesses. He sees us through and through. He has also understood suffering on an intense, personal level like no other. Jesus was a Man of Sorrows. Excruciating. Overwhelming. Crushing sorrow.  He is ready to comfort you and be with you during your times of absolute sorrow. He meets us at our "rock bottom" and gives us grace to see it through. He doesn't ask you to "figure it out" on your own. His presence is silent but felt nevertheless - even in the blazing fiery trials that we go through. Depression can chase us away from God. It can make us run in the opposite direction, hide in a corner to nurse our wounds or