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God Answers Prayers...

This post is mainly to highlight one single point.. That GOD ANSWERS PRAYERS.. Whether it be a YES, NO or WAIT..  The answer will always be there.. Note:   The time duration at the step named "Prayer and absolute surrender" can range from a few minutes to many years and decades. It shows our silent agreement to what the Lord has decided for us leading to the subsequent steps as seen in the flowcharts above.

Walk the Plank of Faith..

Sometimes, life makes you walk the plank of Faith..  You feel like you are at the edge of a cliff..  You can already hear the sound of crashing waves.. All your options have run out..  You have reached your final limit...  You need to take your stand.. Make the decision. And in all that fear and utter hopelessness,  we forget to see the bigger picture of life...    The one that has God in it... Don't ever forget in times like these... That Jesus is forever faithful.. No matter how fatal the fall may seem.. Remember you can always choose to fall into His hands.. & He will never let you go..    

Lord I Give You My Heart

"Prone to wander.. Lord I feel it... Prone to leave the God I love..." - based on the song "Come thou fount of every blessing"

Finding Christ in the chaos

Christ is the break-through the wall of darkness that holds you back from a God who is waiting for you on the other side..