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Tell Your Heart to Beat Again...

  I dare you to decipher what this means! Take your time... :P (I did hear a couple of versions already, so I am bracing myself for more..) For those of you who are wondering, "What in the world was she thinking??"…   Read on..   As mentioned in my profile, I enjoy drawing pictures from song lyrics, Bible verses, Quotes from books etc.. This particular Abstract Art was inspired by a combination of the first two mentioned above and a little bit of my medical knowledge .. :)   The Hippocampus is where all our memories are stored..   (FUN FACT #1)   Take a walk down memory lane today and you will see that you have scars from wounds both old and new… Wrong choices, Guilty pleasures, falling for temptations, repetitive sins.. Secret sins that stain scarlet have scarred us all ..  Wounds like these may or may not heal over time.. If there's a chance at complete healing it would be because of a Savior who was wounded for us.   (1 Peter 2:24; Isaiah 53:5)